Pon.Bike is a global group of brands that provides the best bikes in any market segment - from offroad downhill racing, to urban luggage carriers. We pride ourselves on creating a wide portfolio of innovative products, at the highest quality, and at great value for money. Whether you are looking for a connected e-bike, a state-of-art full carbon road racer, or a traffic-free way to get the kids to school, we have a bike to fit your needs.

Our Performance bikes are engineered with innovation and passion to the highest standards. Intense research and development, backed by years of experience in the worlds' toughest events, ensure bikes that deliver superior dynamic performance whether it be for track, road or mountain conditions.

Urban Bikes  contain a wide-range of different models. For some, it's a fixed-gear lightweight that's easy to carry up stairs. For others, it's a tough cargo-transporter for urban deliveries. Classic styling or modern e-bikes (or both), we offer durable, well-made bikes using the latest materials, produced in some of the most modern production facilities worldwide. 

Parts & Accessories (P&A) as an important part of Pon.Bike, we are able to operate as a worldwide manufacturer that offers a complete product portfolio next to bicycles and e-bikes. Parts & Accessories are an important part of the bicycle experience, and with the multiple award winning BBB Cycling we have a P&A brand that offers a very complete product range, highest quality, and excellent value for money.